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Throw a few alterations on it and it should pass mostly unrecognized. If you asked everyone on this board if they could recognize what Luke's lightsaber or any number of other 'found' props were made from, you'd probably find people who knew what they were too. Star Wars has tons of recognizable found items in there from women's razors to flash guns to pen caps, etc. etc.
This is true. I guess I'm thinking, rightly or wrongly, that the design dilemma for fan films is different from that for a big Hollywood movie in that a big percentage of our audience may be afficianadoes and other low-budget filmmakers and hobbyists - many of whom become aware of us while we're creating our movies - who pay attention to and hopefully admire the details of props and costumes etc. A lot of them are the same folks or same kind of folks who know that the Jedi communicator in "The Phantom Menace" is a Lady Schick razor but they only represent a tiny fraction of one percent of the people who go to see "Star Wars."

Not many folks beyond the regulars on the Replica Props Forum will recognize a peppermill in "Star Trek."

Or maybe that's not so. I'll give it some more thought.

The image above, BTW, is the inhaler as it was altered for use as a "laser" prop in "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda." I wanted to use a picture of it with different colors and missing the labeling that might make it more easily recognized.
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