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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

I keep remembering an old issue of Spider-Man where Norman made some mention that he basically wanted to break Peter. He could kill his loved ones, he could physically hurt him, he could even make everything else in his life hell, but Peter kept bouncing back. So I wonder if this isnt some overly elaborate selfish plot to basically completely utterly break Peter once and for all and put Norman in charge of it all. Either Norman is Mephisto, or he's made one hell of a deal. But why would Mephisto really give two shits if Pete and MJ are married or not, "Oh I will feast on that pain forever!" uhm yeah so what if Pete gets together with Black Cat finally? MJ was Pete's true love, but Gwen was his first true. Black Cat was his first super true love. MJ was the friend that he gradually fell in love with and became his rock, but still...

Harry as Iron Patriot is pretty interesting and out of left field. So was Harry EVER the GG in the BND continuity? Moonstone as Ms Marvel is pretty interesting really, course what happened to Carol? She'[s still using the Ms Marvel codename right?
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