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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

I will agree that I miss the old days as well as I grew up on them but I'm loving the dismantaling into chaos that is going on currently as well. IMHO it's better than most of the stuff that DC has been doing...with perhaps the exception of the Green Lantern stuff and Superman that Geoff Johns has been involved with. I like that the villians are in control and manipulating events and that the heores are out of control, distrustfull of each other and uncoordinated. It used to be that a crisis occured everyone would rally behind the Avengers and Fantastic Four but now...the Avengers were dissassembled, became new and mighty but still not the old guard. The FF hasn't been the same in years...although I must admit that I haven't been reading FF on a regular basis and pick up the trades when the library gets them in.

Norman as Mephisto...interesting. Didn't think about that at all. That would explain some of what has been going on including the bargain with Peter in One More Day. Norman though will eventually descend into madness again though...the Goblin is the real power behind the man afterall. As said in the Fox 90's animated series..."There's only one true Goblin, the Green Goblin!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" (tosses pumpkin bombs at Peter and Hobgoblin)!
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