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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

I honestly long for the old days of the 90s where maybe each 'family' had their own crossovers that sort of spilled over into other titles but you didn't have to essentially buy EVERYTHING the company made to get the story. Civil War comes to mind of a story that went through SO MANY issues of SO MANY titles for quite a while. I hope that after Dark Reign and whatever sort of resolves that, we get a break. Just let each title tell its own stories again, its own arcs, its own storylines and maybe just give it a year or two to just sort of let each title stand on its own, without having another 'ZOMG! Wolverine and Iron Man and Spider-Man are guest staring!" arc every month.

Although I do rather enjoy Ms. Marvel and She Hulk, I got a couple of the TPBs and I really enjoy how they set the stories of Civil War up but didn't get too overly enmeshed in it to the point of where universe changing things happened. Change for the sake of change is really getting annoying. Just because you got a different idea doesn't mean it HAS to be done.

"Yeah we're going to make Tony Stark the new Hawkeye. I think fans will really get a kick out of it!"
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