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Re: January Challenge - Across the Road

DavidFalkayn wrote: View Post
A fitting tribute to both Scotty and James Doohan. The old warhorse who's always there, always reliable, who never gives up, and never asks for any praise or recognition for what he's done--the mere fact that the job is done is good enough for him.
I don't know if I would say that it's entirely fair, what the universe ends up doing to him, but I will say that he's at least stalwart through it. Thanks for the comments!

mirandafave wrote: View Post
That was simply beautiful and serenely touching. An emotional time for all the crew but again you've just nailed down the external and internal Scotty. Much praise and congratulations for a fine piece of writing and an excellent song choice.

Early days I know but we might be 'One Step Closer' to a winner ...
LOL! It's only the tenth, and you lot are all fabulous writers. I still will be surprised if I even place. And thank you for the comment, very much.
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