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Re: How to create a Cardassian?

Good tidings for the entire year!

I've noticed in a German group, Khemorex Klinzhai, some amazing Cardassian work, so talking to the person(s) involved may propel you towards your goal.

Link: - the third person from the bottom is the one, Dissiath. To write to her, you can click the brown envelope at the end of her ID information, which will take you to a form which you can fill in and it will get forwarded to her (yes, this works). If you click on her name, you'll see a picture of her in costume.

On a design note, the bumps on the ridges often look to me like corn seeds/kernels of the un-dented variety. Maybe the designer took kernels and stuck them into plasticine or plaster or whatnot and then made a cast of THAT.


Alexandra Khemara

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