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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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Quesada isn't the problem, the problem is he is letting monkeys like Bendis and Millar run the insane asylum.
Since Joey is EIC, and has the power to STOP them, yes he IS the problem.

He LIKES Bendis/Millar. He's said publicly that the Ultimateverse is the better Marvel Universe. That's what all this crap that's happened under his watch is all about: "ultimatizing" the 616 continuity.

I cannot say enough bad things about an EIC that would allow writers to MISwrite a group like the New Warriors just to kick off a crappy, "universe changing" storyline like Civil War. Or killing Cap for no good reason. Or busting up Spidey and Mary Jane.

He needs to go, like YESTERDAY. Put DeFalco in charge...he knows how 616 Marvel SHOULD be written!
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