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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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My thoughts on the whole sorry affair can be summed up as this:

reboot the 616 MU back to the point of about Thunderbolts 75 (right before "the fight club" took over).

Nothing less can fix the mess that Jem-ass started and his brown nosed acolyte Joey Q finished.
Yeah, me too more or less. I'd settle for Gwen Stacy not to have pitty fucked Norman Osborne or New X-Men being a bad dream, but everyone already knows my opinion on those so I won't waste anyone's time. The canon has gotten so far away from the core mythology at this point I'd settle for Crisis on Infinite Earths style revamp but, because of the guys in charge, we'd get something like The Ultimate Universe. But I must be honest and confess I don't hate The Ultimate Universe as much as most people do. Mostly because, unlike the 616, the characterization is always consistent if not neccissarily good or appropriate. And it doesn't have nearly a half century of mythology to throw out the window like these guys get off on doing. And it's Cyclops and Phoenix are still together and, because I'm so fanatically shippy, that's always enough to keep me content. And Sam Jackson as Nick Fury is a pretty cool idea.

Bendis chased me away from The Avengers the same way he chased me away from Ultimate X-Men and the same reason I never got into Ultimate Spider-Man. I just don't like his writing. I don't have a professional dislike for him like, say, I do Grant Morrison. I'm sure he's an OK guy. I've always found his writing underwhelming and nothing I've ever read from him has ever once done anything to even slightly change that opinion. Ok, I take that back slightly. I think his dialogue is great. But everything else is just kind of "there" for me. Without any of the Earth shattering moments he always puts forth, he really doesn't have much to offer IMO. So this is just kind of more of the same, predicatable "change just for the sake of change" nonsense he and Millar and Quesada and everyone else have been peddling since 2000. I'm sure it will sell well. Big names on big titles combined with big events always do. But that doesn't make it good. And even if it is, quality writing without a sense of mythology is meaningless. At least to me.
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