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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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Spider-Man...Norman Osborn (not even his teammates know)
Iron Patriot...Harry Osborn

Spider-Man = Norman Osborn?? The original GG is now bonded to the symbiote? What happened to Gargan, I don't read TB.

Iron Patriot = Harry Osborn??? Did you read the big buddy confession at the end of the last ASM with Molten Man. Is the greater MU even concerened with BND Spidey or what??
Who knows if he's even bonded with the symbiote? It could just be a black costume, no symbiote necessary. And nothing's happened with Gargan since he left the T-Bolts, save for an appearance on the last page of New Avengers #48.

I haven't read Amazing Spider-Man since December 2007, but I have absolutely no doubt that Norman is not above manipulating his son in order to do whatever he wants. And using Harry Osborn as a major player in the MU is the only reason to justify his soap opera-worthy resurrection.
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