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Re: TF Soundwave: Hasbro's made him a GUITARgetmaster.

Thanks billcosby for the feedback & TF search tips.

Regarding TF, I'm almost exclusively a G1 fan, having grown up in the 80's with the original cartoon & Marvel comic book series.

I like G2, & need to learn more about BW/BM, which were a satellite or tangent of G1.

I saw that BW episode with Starscream's ghost recently on YouTube & loved it.

You're right about TF:Animated's animation. There's something wrong about it for TF, almost a Flintstones look, totally inappropriate for TF.

TF:A's TFs look almost like “sarcastic” caricatures of the TFs from the G1 cartoon & comic book.

The non-TF:A TF toys are a better lot overall.

And as for those Bayformers?

They & Chia Pet LeBeef or whatever his name is who played a poor man's Buster/Spike Witwicky can go join Drexel's Class.
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