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TF Soundwave: Hasbro's made him a GUITARgetmaster.

In both K-Mart & Toys'R'Us yesterday I saw the Transformers:Animated Soundwave toy hanging up.

On top of Soundwave, attached to his roof in vehicle mode in the package, is this guitar.

The package says that the guitar turns into Laserbeak.

What do you think of this? Is it:

A natural evolution of the mini-TF sidekicks? (This Laserbeak's ancestors being the G1 Nebulans & the Armada/Energon Mini-cons.)
Some other option(s)?

Funny, this TF:A Soundwave is the TF's First Ever guitargetmaster.

Maybe they'll come out with a TF:A Blaster whose sidekick is a bass who is attached to Blaster's roof in vehicle mode & turns into the current generation's Steeljaw?

I can't help but think this new Laserbeak is a product of the "influence" of Guitar Hero & Rock Band.

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