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Looking for a dirty word in ST:Vanguard: Harbinger

Yes, I know it sounds like a somewhat strange request, but I'll explain where it comes from later on

I am reading the german version of David Mack's novel Star Trek:Vanguard - Harbinger. There is a scene when Scotty is getting something 'green' When he leaves Glanz's establishment he swears. The german translator made something very dirty of it and I was wondering which english/american term Mr. Mack let Scotty use.

I am reviewing the novel for a german website and I tend to be unhappy about the translation efforts. That's why I had stopped reading translated novels years ago, anyway I have been offered doing reviews of Titan and Vanguard series and accepted. I don't want to judge the translator's effort without actually knowing what term came up in the original text.

So, anyone, can you help me out, please?

On a personal note: I am halfway through the book right now and although not everyting pleases me I am surprised how much I like it. I am usualy more a TNG than a TOS guy.
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