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^Looking over the cross-section, you can see how genius the layout is from a production standpoint. It would only take a few sets, maybe even just one or two, that can be redressed to be all sections of the ship. Film all your scenes on the bridge, then rearrange some of the consoles and you got the CIC or an engineering section. Same with the quarters, you'd probably even be able to use the bridge set walls and set up bunks or, for senior officers, set up furniture.
And aridas was definitely taking those production requirements into account.

As the project has evolved and the story requirements have become more specific, some of what's on the cross-section has been superceded - we don't have a separate CIC, for example, and most if not all navigation functions are located on the command deck. But for the most part this drawing is still what I use for reference.

It just makes sense to orient the deck floors along the axis of acceleration, IMAO, and I like that it echoes the way old-fashioned "rocket ships" always seemed to be designed in 1950s science fiction and speculations about near-future Moon and Mars missions. The ship has artificial gravity for use when not under acceleration, based on what aridas calls a bit of "bolognium" whereby the "gravity generators" are charged with "stored momentum" while the ship is accelerating.

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