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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

Marie1 wrote: View Post
Whats the point of the monofilament tips?
A monofilament can be described as a cutting edge precisely one atom wide; in other words, it's an edge honed to perfect sharpness, and therefore able to pierce practically any armor.

Daddy Todd wrote: View Post
So just mount a teeny tiny replicator on the rifles, and have it replicate ammunition. When the power cell wears out, pop it out and pop in a new one. Your ammo box would only need to contain replacement power cells. You can even change the ammo with a flip of a switch; when the target changes, replicate a different kind of ammunition... Aaah, Clarke's Law is so true!
As pointed out to me in other threads, replicators don't quite work that way. They require some reservoir of raw matter that is reshaped using energy from a remote power plant. One would have to carry a significant mass of raw base material from which to fabricate ammunition, and one would also need a lot of energy more than is normally used to operate an ordinary phaser rifle.

Furthermore, in the scenarios depicted in Destiny, even if such a replicator-based ammo feed could be created and made portable, the dampening fields needed to suppress the Borg's adaptation routines would render the replicator modules inert and therefore useless.

To answer Durek's spoiler-coded question: Yes it is. Though the story of how that character attained that rank is one to be told in another tale....
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