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Re: Contradictions between Firefly series & Serenity

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Yeah, I mean, they were totally identical. One of them was a wry existentialist, while the other was a total zealot. One of them quietly stalked the crew before sneaking on board, unseen, and methodically disabling each one of them, and the other devastated like a dozen planets in order to flush Mal out like a rabbit. One was getting to River through Mal, and the other was getting to her through Simon. One carried a slug-thrower, and the other had a laser pistol. One was a short haired black guy, and the other was a short-haired black guy.

Okay, maybe there was only the one thing they had in common.
Nice try, portray me as a racist in a 'they all look alike' kind of way. Rereading my post in the context of yours it could be read that way but i assume most members would not read it that way.

I just got the feeling when watching the movie that one was a totally in control in his own mind, thinking of every situation, sure of himself, smart, a contol freak in every way and the other was.....

Same charracter in my eyes just changed slightly from one acting on his own to another who has the full power of an intergalatic goverment behind him. You know in the same way as Darth Vader and the evil middle manager at the worst job you have had.
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