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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Finally finished the trilogy and I must say that it was the best Trek book in awhile. I am not sure why we had to wait till book 3 to found out the origin of the Borg. Although in my opinion, I thought the origin story could have been written a little better because it felt forced. First the Calier came to them to explain and ask them to help and then suddenly, they walk into a trap?
I gathered that the one Caeliear (forgot her name...) had declined similarly to the one that killed the Aventine-crewmembers in GoN. There no longer was any rational thought, or even any thought about setting a trap for the humans. *And* that Caeliar had from the start a very low opinion about respecting the humans etc. I guess the one driving thought was trying to survive by merging with the humans...

The scene with Picard lying on the floor in a fetal like position crying hysterically, while I liked it, I thought it was a bit unbecoming of a Starship Captain to do so in front of his officers. I understood why and I thought it well written but I think his breaking down emotionally would have been better off between him and Beverly in private.
Erm, I guess Picard couldn't help himself or consciously decide to break down later. As I wrote in another thread, this was a reaction absolutely believable to me.

And Geordi defying orders, was a bold move but it did give us a nice tribute to Data.
I liked that scene very much as well - on the other hand would he have hesitated if there had been no chance the Borg could adapt? It was more about the probability of success than about Data, although bringing him into the discussion was a nice touch, given the matter they were discussing.

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It's not the name, it's the way Seven/Annika is described. I definitely got a very childlike impression of her at the end.
Well, at the same time, Picard was collapsed on the deck crying his eyes out. Not very adult of him, either. The dissolution of the Collective and the Caeliar metamorphosis is a very powerful event that had a profound effect on both these people.
Of course, but at least Picard was still aware of who he was, he didn't "lose" his memories or "time" or anything like that. I didn't get that with Seven, I really had the impression she regressed to the 7 or 8 year old Annika she was when she was first assimilated.

Then again... maybe that's just who she is now, a child in an adult body having to grow up again. Would be plausible considering her cortical implants are gone as well (and who knows how much of her personality/memories were stored there).

And yes, I love to speculate, rather than just wait for a book that's still months away.
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