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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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This is a new Avengers line-up that is forth coming.
A Cap-esque character and an Iron Man-esque character. This time rolled into one. His identity is unknown but I have my guesses.

Wolverine back in the brown/tan costume. Nice throw back.
Spidey or Venom was the debate for so long. This appears to be Spiderman. The Thunderbolts Venom has a much more altered look.

Sentry, Ms. Marvel, Ares and Hawkeye.
I'm not sure of the green/white clad character, is that Marvel Boy?

Comments on where this title is going during Dark Reign and its ability to last much beyond that.
"Ms. Marvel", "Spider-Man" and "Hawkeye" are just Moonstone, Venom and Bullseye dressed up as these characters since Stark's tampering of the registration database has left them legally without identities allowing Osborn to put his people into the roles.

"The Sentry" is really the Void who has taken over since the real version has fled the Earth during the Invasion.

"Iron Patriot" is most likely Green Goblin himself or Luke Cage.

"Wolverine" is Logan's son, Dakam.
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