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Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

This is a new Avengers line-up that is forth coming. The New and Mighty titles as I understand it will still be published(anyone know different?).

So the line-up appears to have the "requirement" of most Avengers line-ups.

A Cap-esque character and an Iron Man-esque character. This time rolled into one. His identity is unknown but I have my guesses.

Wolverine back in the brown/tan costume. Nice throw back.
Spidey or Venom was the debate for so long. This appears to be Spiderman. The Thunderbolts Venom has a much more altered look.

Sentry, Ms. Marvel, Ares and Hawkeye.
I'm not sure of the green/white clad character, is that Marvel Boy?

Comments on where this title is going during Dark Reign and its ability to last much beyond that.
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