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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Why are there no EMHs in the sickbays of Aventine, Enterprise-E or Titan? At least I don't recall any EMH being mentioned, during the medical and triage scenes.
EMHs are standard equipment in all Starfleet sickbays these days. But unlike Voyager's Doctor, they are, as the name implies, emergency systems, meant to be used in situations where living physicians are incapacitated, unavailable, or inadequate in number. There was an EMH Mark IX (which I imagined as being modeled on Dr. Zimmerman's holo-ladyfriend Haley from "Life Line," since it's high time we had a female EMH) in the triage scene in GTTS, and I'm certain that she was mentioned in Destiny as well.

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Though, really, with the public understanding that EMHes are sentient, I'm really surprised that Starfleet's still using them. Unless those EMHes are getting control over when they are and are not activated and are getting compensated somehow for their services, wouldn't it constitute slavery?
Who said there's a public understanding that EMHs are sentient? The Doctor is sentient, due to his unique experiences aboard Voyager. It doesn't follow that every EMH is sentient. Oliver Baines, the leader of the "holo-revolution" in Homecoming/The Farther Shore, believed all holograms were sentient, but he was a lunatic. The only holograms that we can confidently say are sentient are the Doctor, Moriarty, the Countess, and probably Vic Fontaine.
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