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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Agreed - but I always thought of the implants as medical necessities, otherwise the EMH would have removed them. So, in essence, why doesn't she die when they disintegrate?
Ah, this reminds me of another question:

Why are there no EMHs in the sickbays of Aventine, Enterprise-E or Titan? At least I don't recall any EMH being mentioned, during the medical and triage scenes.
I seem to remember there being an EMH in Greater Than the Sum. Though, really, with the public understanding that EMHes are sentient, I'm really surprised that Starfleet's still using them. Unless those EMHes are getting control over when they are and are not activated and are getting compensated somehow for their services, wouldn't it constitute slavery?

As for the TR-116 thing....

I don't see how it's "un-Star Trek-y" to have a projectile weapon. It's not like there's a particularly notable moral difference between a bullet and a phaser set to vaporize -- killing someone is killing someone.
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