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Re: Contradictions between Firefly series & Serenity

Since we're still on the subject of Simon and the contradictions in his character between the film and the series, it was one of the many things that myself and the other people involved with Virtual Firefly (see my sig) had to take into consideration, and what we ultimately decided was that, based on past experience and behavior, Joss would have most likely not introduced Simon's direct involvement in his sister's rescue had he been able to tell the events of the film as a second season of Firefly as opposed to a movie, and adjusted things accordingly, while still not undercutting what Joss did with the film or Simon's character. The way Joss handled things in the film ultimately doesn't have any real detrimental effect on Simon's character as a whole, which is a further testament to his writing skills, but the contradictions are there nonetheless.
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