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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Complete

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Four, actually.

I stand corrected.

Four, five, it's still a long time to wait. I know I've said this before on this board, but I still think it's ridiculous for them to sit on a finished film for this long. It'll make money whether it's released this month or in May.

Now about that Superbowl thing, how do we know that it's Trek that will get this half-time treatment, and not Wolverine, Terminator or Angels & Demons?

Because the date is already set and it would only confuse people thus losing business.

Besides, it's a summer tentpole, meaning it's set up as an event film that
people go see when they are out and about celebrating summer time, like
all the rest the films. It surely will do better business then than now.
The time between finishing the film and it's release is the time to build up
the hype and expectation for it. Toy releasing, ad campaigns, Burger King
meals and so on and so forth. Takes a decent amount of time to get all
that rolling and exposed and for enough time to get people amped up to
see the film.

Because surely all of these films will get ads at the most opportune time
that the studio is willing to pay for. I guarantee we'll see trailers for all during
the Superbowl, but my bet on the one we see nearest halftime(usually a big
viewership moment) will be Trek based on how Paramount is pushing this.

Side note, Paramount said the Transformers 2 trailer would premier in February...
The Superbowl is February 1st
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