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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

SLWatson wrote: View Post
Awesome start of the battle; I imagine it hasn't reached frantic energy just yet. The different characters and their thoughts made them seem very real and understandable. Excellent work!
This battle's going to have several phases and at parts of it, four things going at once...and yeah, this is just the first one getting started. So it's going to be a real test for me, that's for sure!

Glad it's making sense so far!

RobertScorpio wrote: View Post
You have writing these kinds of scene down to an art form. The way you can develop the different characters as battle comes...Sorebec is cool..keep it coming!!!
I really regretted having to kill Sorabec. I really did.

We'll see what happens as I actually get into posting the battle, though...that's going to be a whole new type of writing for me.
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