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Re: Quinto and Pine On Spock And Kirk

"As Leonard portrayed the character he was much more grounded, but my experience with him is a bit different," said Quinto. "He's younger and hasn't mastered the acceptance of these dualities in himself as much as he does later."
Sounds just about right to me. I can't wait to see this thing!!!!

Pine spoke about the legendary friendship between Kirk and Spock, warning fans that the pair weren't quite friendly early on in Star Trek XI.
That doesn't surprise me in the least. They really aren't very compatible personality types, particularly if ole Spock is still getting comfortable in his skin, and therefore prickly about hew-mons in general, while Kirk is a sloppy out of control drunk.

This sounds like a reasonable extrapolation backwards. I was wanting young Kirk to be the "stuffed shirt" implied in TOS, but maybe he's stuffy when he isn't hitting the Saurian brandy? And Spock being stuffy when young is definitely right for the character - can't have them occupying the same space, so Kirk gets shoved over into drunkl territory.
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