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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

One thing I didn't quite understand was what went on with Seven at the end. I mean she was already no longer a member of the Collective and I'd have expected her to have a similar (if much stronger) reaction to Picard's. But the way I understood it she sort of regressed to the time before her assimilation, and didn't all her implants fall out/disappear as well? To me that doesn't quite make much sense because she needed the implants for survival, and why should they just disintegrate?

And another question about Betazoids and following up on the discussion regarding Troi from GoN: My main criticism back then was Ree's suggestion of a hysterectomy which to me at least seemed like some kind of overkill. But in LS Inyx mentioned to repair the unfertilized eggs in her uterus... Which would put a new spin on the hysterectomy, of course. But then again, wouldn't have Betazoid females, especially half-human half-Betazoid females, something akin to ovaries? Well, that kind of struck me as strange while reading. *g*
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