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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Personally I can't stand the inclusion of projectile weapons in Star Trek (novels). ... Things like projectile weapons in the hands of Starfleet is something that doesn't feel Star Trek to me.
The show itself stated that such weapons as the TR-116 had been developed for use against the Jem'Hadar, in the DS9 episode "Field of Fire." So whether or not it "feels like Star Trek" to you, it is part of Star Trek.

As for your question of why that tactic was used by Starfleet in the attack on the Borg scout ship, Hartzilla2007 summed it up perfectly. In order for the story to move forward, I had to concoct a strategy that would plausibly let the characters capture a Borg vessel intact. And to give the characters the idea was the reason for the Hirogen attack in Mere Mortals.

As for your reaction to that:
Yes, I understood the in-story reasoning. I just didn't like it
Well, there's not much I can do about that, is there?

My question is influenced by that feeling: Why did you include the friendly fire passage in Lost Souls?
Because it was an entirely logical outcome of that combat scenario, and it gave me a chance to explore the character of Lonnoc Kedair in slightly more depth later on.

Where the released borg drones given a choice? Wheather to become Caeliar or not? ...

Did this come up in the book (and was overlooked by me [entirely possible!]) or will it maybe come up at a later date, in one of the follow up books?
All I'm going to say is that you should definitely pick up Keith R.A. DeCandido's new novel A Singular Destiny, as well as the upcoming Voyager book Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer, and also the TNG novel Losing the Peace by William Leisner to learn more about this aspect of the post-Destiny fallout.
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