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Re: "Fury" Kes, a Mirror Kes?

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Therefore it's actually natural to discuss other options who may be more acceptable for the fans who ind "Fury" as nothing but an insulting piece of crap.
I think we all should be allowed to talk about the ep. whether some find it acceptable or not. The board is for everyone to express their opinions, correct?
I get the impression that we are doing just that.
That is my impression too.

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I actually do like the episode "Fury." Even as a fan of Kes. It's a fun episode, action packed, and it features the Vidiians again who are one of my favorite villains. For my own personal canon, if you will, I accept the String Theory books explanation for the Kes we saw in "Fury." Just because I don't see the friendly Kes we last saw in "The Gift" twisting so far evil as to want to kill all of the friends she made on Voyager. Not just kill them but actually torture the crew by having the Vidiians remove their vital organs.
The Vidiians were good villains. (Meaning that they were portrayed well. The writing was also good, making their plight believable)

That 'String Theory' explanation sounds interesting.

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Without being too melodramatic, I will never forgive Rick Berman, Brannon Braga and Bryan Fuller for that episode. Did you know that Braga and Fuller actually did spend a Christmas, figuring out that diabolical scenario? The true spirit of Christmas, wasn't it? And a real Christmas gift to the Kes fans. But what can be expected from such ?
Not in the spirit of Christmas at all!
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