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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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I have finished the reading of the Destiny trilogy today. I enjoyed the books quite much. Lost Souls was a real page turner, I read the book on a single day. Thanks for some enjoyable hours your books provided me and a thumbs-up from my end for managing to have all things Borg-wise fall into place so nicely. My favorite move being element 010. Nice one!

A lot has already been said about some minor (character) issues. I share some of those (e.g. Picard's characterisation and Dax's attitudes...), but I have one other question for Mr. Mack, concerning something he included in the storyline that I didn't felt the need for:

Personally I can't stand the inclusion of projectile weapons in Star Trek (novels). That is one thing that divides Star Trek from shows like Stargate SG-1. The more 'modern' kind of weaponry used in Star Trek does a lot to show a difference between our time and the more advenced time frame of the series. Things like projectile weapons in the hands of Starfleet is something that doesn't feel Star Trek to me.

My question is influenced by that feeling: Why did you include the friendly fire passage in Lost Souls? That didn't really do anything to move the story further, did it? It came in connection with the TR-something rifles and it simply made me feel reading about a present day millitary engagement than a struggle between Starfleet security and the borg.

So, what made you include this scene? Was it maybe the adressing of the real-life situation with friendly fire, or was it coming from some other direction I can't think of myself? Any answer would be appriciated.
While I can't say anything about the friendly fire thing, the reason they used projectile weapons was because part of the boarding plan requried that they use energy dampners probably to0 diable the Borgs personal shields and for other reasons and seeing as phasers need energy to work the projectile rifles were the only weapons they could use with out getting really close to the drones.
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