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Re: I finally watched Firefly! (SPOILERS)

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The Firefly DVD sold so well it was in the top 100 at Amazon for sales. That's pretty good for a TV show with a flawed premise.
I believe it actually held the #1 spot for a while.
Off and on for weeks, actually. Having been an "original" Browncoat, I followed it all along, and it spent months and months drifting around in the top 50. It would sink, then some news would come out, or it would go on sale, and BAM it would top the list again, beating out all manner of new releases and more recently popular shows & movies. That was a fun time. Even today, the set is ranked #70.

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When the film rights to the franchise were sold to Universal, the legal situation was one in which the series couldn't be made on television again for (IIRC) ten years, essentially rendering any televised versions of Firefly dead. I'm not sure exactly how or why the deal went down the way it did, but that's as best as I can remember it.
This is exactly it. One of the conditions of the transfer of the property to Universal was that it couldn't be developed for TV again for 10 years. This was stated by the actors multiple times in interviews and at cons when people would ask, "If the movie succeeds, can we have our TV show back?" The answer was always, "No. Part of the deal was that it can't go back to TV for 10 years." At the time, it was hoped that the movie would spawn a trilogy, which would have covered most of that 10-years anyway, but that didn't happen.
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