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Re: Abandoned London

I suppose if you live a fair bit away, the distance could be a deterrent for a daytrip. Still, surely you take holidays? And why would you not begin with a weekend in your own capital? To enjoy your own illustrious history and culture...? I mean going to Harrods or Selfridges is like a holy experience, especially for a woman... then there's the wealth of world cuisine to be had, there's the West End, and the trendy bars and cafe culture... What could you possibly have locally that could be approaching that scale?

I guess, that old saying about not being able to miss what you never had is exactly true.

A friend of mine had her cousin visiting from Canada this past summer, he wasn't really too concerned about visiting big cities or sightseeing, he had flown in only to see his family. Well, his cousin and I took him on a couple of days tour of the city despite himself... he was very book learned, and informed me of the history of some of the sights which I myself wasn't aware of. It wasn't as though he didn't inform himself or show an interest in things, he just didn't make a big deal out of taking special trips to visit famous places. At the end of his trip, he announced that he wanted to immigrate here and take his masters in the UK. From being indifferent, to going to THAT extreme, was quite amazing. I guess informing yourself about things through books, and actually experiencing them, are two very different things. He decided it was the best thing since sliced bread... I should have known he'd fall in love... You can't be in your 20's, come to London, and actually want to go home again...
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