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Re: Contradictions between Firefly series & Serenity

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This may have been discussed here before, but I just watched the Firely series and Serenity movie for the first time over the holidays, and I noticed a couple of apparent contradictions, so I wanted to see what others had to say.

I absolutely loved the series, but I have mixed feelings about the movie. For one thing, it just didn't seem as fun as the TV show.
I thought, particularly, that the captain as a lot more harsh and less noble figure than in the show, especially regarding his crew.

As far as contradictions go, I noticed two:

1. In the show the captain, after rescuing Simon & River from being burned at the stake, tells Simon that he's part of his crew, and he'd have done the same for any of them. In the movie, the captain says that River and Simon are not a part of his crew.
Mal's a volatile and sometimes irrational character. I think something happened between "Objects in Space" and Serenity that caused a major rift between them. But he obviously doesn't really feel like they're not his crew, since his first reaction to River going crazy was to take her back aboard.

2. In the TV show, the doctor says that he paid some guys to get River out of the treatment facility via cryo. In the movie, he rescues her himself (which I found completely unbelieveable).
Obviously Simon was holding back so that they'd underestimate him if he ever needed to get out.

The contradiction that bothered me was how incredibly different the cargo bay in the film looked compared to the series, and the fact that the dining room in the film was elevated above the deck of the hallways whereas it had been lowered beneath it in the series.
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