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Re: new Farscape comic by O'Bannon & KRAD

I got my copy today from "The Forbidden Planet" in the UK (there was only a couple left on the shelves) and I've already read it twice, it's wonderful to have Farscape back in some way...

I'm not too keen on the way the Hynerians are drawn, but the rest the of the cast look great. And there's lots going on, many things I liked and most importantly the humour is there and pitched just right for Farscape (e.g. Jothee's "problem" and Chiana running through the corridors wear nothing but a pair of handcuffs and a holster. )

But there's deeper things going on too - Aeryn having trouble dealing with motherhood whilst Crichton finds fatherhood a breeze. And who's on that mysterious ship?

How long until part two? There's no way I'm waiting for the TPB!!!

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