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Re: I finally watched Firefly! (SPOILERS)

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The series, it is believed, was sacrificed under the terms by which Joss got to make the movie - its return is thus very unlikely.
What on Earth are you talking about? I've been a Browncoat since 2002, and that is not how it went down at all.
I interpreted that to mean that after Firefly was cancelled and Whedon wanted it to continue in some form, he gave up any chance of it returning to TV when he made the movie deal.
I've literally never heard of that. Universal Pictures didn't buy the Firefly series itself, it bought the rights to make a film based upon it. Legally, there's no more a block to a Firefly TV show being made than there was a block to another Star Trek TV show being made after Star Trek: The Motion Pictures. 20th Century Fox still owns Firefly -- it is Universal that owns Serenity.
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