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Re: I finally watched Firefly! (SPOILERS)

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by the way, is there any plans to ressurect the series, or even do some sequels... I ask because I'm new in the franchise...
The series, it is believed, was sacrificed under the terms by which Joss got to make the movie - its return is thus very unlikely.
What on Earth are you talking about? I've been a Browncoat since 2002, and that is not how it went down at all.

Firefly was cancelled because of poor ratings. It had poor ratings because Fox didn't air the pilot first and then aired the episodes inconsistently, constantly pre-empting them, and thus preventing the show from building up an audience.

When Firefly was cancelled, Whedon immediately announced that he was working on a deal to continue it in the form of a movie, but most everyone thought that was it and the show was dead. It wasn't until mid-2004, a year and a half later, that Whedon announced a movie was going to be made after he convinced Universal Pictures to buy the movie rights from 20th Century Fox Studios.

Firefly was not cancelled under terms by which the movie got to be made. Not at all.
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