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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

I just realized that I finished this a couple weeks ago and never said anything. I really really loved this whole trilogy, it was definitely one of the best Trek stories, hell one of the best stories period, that I have read. I know some people had some issues with some of the plotlines, like the Deanna one, but IMO I thought it really made for some good character based drama. I was also kinda glad to see the scene between Riker and Vale, not because I want Will to cheat or anything, but I've always thought that there seemed to be something between Rike & Vale, and I'm glad to see it sort of addressed.

One of the other things that alot of people had issues with was Ezri and the Aventine. I know some people thought that Ezri should not have been a Captain, but it's been 4 years since the DS9R, and the reason given for her being in command. I also didn't mind her attitude as much as alot of people, I really think it seemed in character, and wasn't really that horrible given the situation.
I know alot of people also had problems with the way Picard was acting, but I really think given his experiences with the Borg the he acted and felt made perfect since. Especially since this was the first time he had run into them while he had a family.

I know that there have been several different versions of the origin of the Borg, and from the bits I have read about the others on MB, this one was the best IMO. IMO the whole flashback storyline(s?) were probably some of the best, and most interesting parts of the storyline.
I also really loved the way that the Borg were finally dealt with in the end, it was definitely the most Star Trek way for the Borg to be dealt with. Even though it was a book I really fealt that the visuals for that were awsome. IMO if they were to do a Destiny movie trilogy, it would be worth the price of admission for that scene alone.

So that is pretty much it for me. Other than to say that I can't wait to see what happens next, the Post-Destiny

Wow, this was actually going to be my short post befor my long one tomarrow morning, but I think if I were to get longer I would have to write a whole book.
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