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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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Cary L. Brown,

Yeah depends on the angle you look at the grilles at. From the top they're purplish, from the front/bottom they're pinkish purple, from level they're blue
Did you know the reason for that? This is anecdotal... ie, I can't give a source, I just remember reading it SOMEPLACE. But I'm confident, even if I'm not able to provide my source, that the source was legit.

There's a die used in inspection of aluminum castings which is purple in color. The inboard and outboard grills of the nacelles were made from machined aluminum, and were treated with this. I believe that the "slot fill" clear material (probably plexiglass) was in-place at the time, and the whole thing was coated, internally, with this inspection dye.

Here's a source to look up the actual process I'm referring to.

And in this one, you can actually see the color of the dye in image #5.
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