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VFWCC #10 - Happy New Captions!

And it's for another Weekly Voyager Forum Caption Competition! Yea I know it's a little less than weekly these days but we'll keep quiet about that for now.

First, let's announce the winners from VFWCC #9:
The honorable mention goes to:
Triskelion wrote: View Post

- Captain, why did Mr Paris laugh when I said the Doctor would be recalibrating my implants regularly?

Well done Triskelion, you're really good at these.

And the winner is: *drumroll*
Shatmandu wrote: View Post

Seven: "We were ... in my quarters. When Chakotay found out the Borg had replaced my vagina with a microwave emitter, he became very angry ..."

Congratulations Shatmandu, you win the Woimy Squoimy Prize for Voyager Excellence for this week:

And now for image number 10:
Originally Posted by Emh: "The Dutch don't count."
Originally Posted by Ominous Squirrel: "Actually, we do: een, twee, drie, etc"
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