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Re: Your Top 10 Films of 2008

My list is incomplete. I still have many, many more films I want to see before I can make my list (them being: Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, The Reader, Doubt, Let the Right One In, Revolutionary Road... I think that's it). I'm hoping to catch them all before the Academy Awards in February.

My current incomplete list, as it stands:

1. The Dark Knight -- This gets my top vote for obvious reasons.
2. In Bruges -- Fantastic, fantastic film. Underrated, if I can call it that.
3. Man on Wire -- Breathtaking documentary. Stunning film.
4. Valkyrie -- A solid thriller, packing a punch of a climax.
5. Milk -- Gus Van Sant's triumphant return to narrative storytelling.
6. Quantum of Solace -- Much maligned, it's one of my favorite Bond's.

So, yeah, I've seen almost 40 films this year that were newly released, and that's my list so far. I'm going to have to cheat and see the rest on my list of 2008 releases now going into 2009. This week I plan to see Slumdog Millionaire, and we'll see if I add that to my list. I'm still sketchy on seeing Revolutionary Road because I think it's going to be more miss than hit, and I don't think Let the Right One In is playing anymore. Missed my chance on that.
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