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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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That's the Hornblower influence. Roddenberry wanted to make Trek's universe like Hornblower's in those respects, but used the modern organisation as a way of making it more familiar to viewers.

creative license.
In fact, if you look at the first pilot, "The Cage," it seems that Roddenberry was using the old Royal Navy ranking system -- Captain and a variety of lieutenants. I've always theorized that when GR wrote that Pike refers to Number One as Lieutenant that it wasn't an error on his part. That maybe he was really sticking to the Hornblower model and that Number One was the First Lieutenant with Spock as the Second.

When the second pilot came about, perhaps that's when the more familiar modern system was adopted. A more structured rank system developed to reflect that in the series proper.

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So to the extent that it models any military organization we've ever seen, I'd go with 19th century Horatio Hornblower/Master and Commander style naval fiction.
Roddenberry explicitly cites Hornblower in The Making of ST. No mention of O'Brian.
Certainly, the C.S. Forrester books had already been published but the Aubrey-Maturin series hadn't been published yet when TOS went into production. The first book Master and Commander didn't appear until 1970, by which time TOS was off the air.

Nick Meyer, who was more influenced by Horatio Hornblower than GR was, only mentions old Horey in interviews and not the O'Brian series.
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