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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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It seems that so many are willing to assume that the least likely presentations will be the ones we're given in the film ("cadet to captain in six minutes", "Chekov outranks Kirk", and so on). Why assume the least likely to be true in this case when such a position, in general, is absurd?
Absurd things have happened onscreen before.
And the Carolina Hurricanes have won a Stanley Cup. What's your point? Do you spend your days expecting the least likely outcomes to occur? I don't look at my swimming pool in January at -17C and expect the water to be balmy. I don't look at the same pool in July at 30C and expect slabs of ice in it. (I can imagine scenarios where each of the above happens, but I do not consider them likely). There is NOTHING that has been released that makes it "likely" for "cadet to captain in six minutes" or anything equally unlikely to be the case in the film. NOTHING at all. To believe otherwise is to willfully assume the worst without evidence. If that is to be one's approach to the film, one may as well not see it and not hang around in here. Why waste the energy and time?
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