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Your Top 10 Films of 2008

What were your ten favorite (or best quality) films of 2008? You can list less than 10 if you like, because it was hard for me to even come up with ten.

You can find a list under "Scheduled 2008 Releases" on the page below if you need to refresh your memory.

For me, it was:

01- The Dark Knight
02- Frost/Nixon
03- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
04- Religulous
05- Iron Man
06- The Incredible Hulk
07- WALL-E
08- Valkyrie
09- Appaloosa
10- The Bank Job

A couple of others like 'Doubt,' 'W.,' and 'Burn After Reading' would probably be on my list from what I've read and what little I've seen of them, but since I haven't seen those films in their entirety yet I've left them off the list.
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