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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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^^ That doesn't mean that the creative team behind 'Star Trek' can't create an interesting and worthwhile "Falling Action" (the part of a story between the Climax and the Dénouement) where Peter Jackson could not.

Beyond that, it's not totally inconceivable that we see the "buckle up" scene (or its setting, if not that particular exchange) quite early in the film (it gives us "Captain Kirk and crew") and then the rest of the movie is how things led to it being possible for there to be a "Captain Kirk and crew", which we see again at the end as the final "resolution". Thus AN "origins" story (if not THE "origins" story some expected) is in place.

Note: I have no idea if that is how it will play out, nor is it how I would necessarily do it (even if I had the necessary skills and inclination to make a film) but it is possible and it does fit with Abrams' demonstrated pattern of flash-backs and flash-forwards.
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