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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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^^ That doesn't mean that the creative team behind 'Star Trek' can't create an interesting and worthwhile "Falling Action" (the part of a story between the Climax and the Dénouement) where Peter Jackson could not.
But... can you imagine a "falling action" that wouldn't involve Kirk going almost immediately from "disgraced blackshirt" to "commander of the Enterprise?" I'd love to hear anyone's take on how to accomplish this in a way that won't turn off everyone but the most "hardcore" fans.

The ONLY way I can see it working is by the infamous "reset" button... where we see that everything is "back to how it's supposed to be" by Kirk being captain INSTEAD of how he was in the alternate timeline.

But instead of being negative, or saying "somebody can think of SOMETHING," let's hear other ideas for how it COULD be done... give positives, in other words!
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