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I finally watched Firefly! (SPOILERS)

I know the spoiler warning might not be necessary but just in case anyone else out there still means to watch it I thought I would include it.

With a four day weekend ahead of us and no new TV to watch my wife and I finally decided to watch Firefly. I have to say we both really liked it. It's such a shame it got canceled, but that seems to happen to a lot of shows we like.

One thing I wish I had known going into this show was not to watch it going by the original air dates. For some stupid reason the network didn't want to use the original pilot. It must have aired on Fox. Still, it didn't take away from my understanding or enjoyment of the show.

We watched the last five episodes on Saturday night so that we could watch Serenity on Sunday. The movie did not disappoint either, although it would have been nice if Shepard Book had had a little more to do in the movie.

A couple other things about the movie:

I know it's very unlikely that we'll see anymore stories about the crew of Serenity but I would be very stoked if it ever happened.
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