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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

I just mean rectangles and circles. In a seemingly random pattern.
Oh you mean the TMP design. From what I remember there were rectangular windows and then two smaller circular windows on the ends.

That is not random.

By it's nature, making the ship slightly bigger makes it easier to get all the components in there without having to comprimise as much - like having a half-deck at the saucer rim. That seems so...strange to me.
I see what you mean.

I'm not entirely sure exactly which to settle on though.

-On one hand I was told the Enterprise model was originally to be 540 feet and was then doubled in size which would confirm 1,080.

-On the other hand Matt Jeffries stated outright that the ship was 947 feet, and according to Mr. Shaw, the markings on the hull which were used by a fan to confirm the 1,080 feet length only apparently counted if the engineering hull had the dome on the front as in the earliest of Matt Jeffries' sketches.

Different tastes. I like the dynamic look of the TOS nacelles. The swirling energy of the bussards looks more powerful and exciting than the static blue grill.
Blue grill? The grille was black if I recall unless you mean blue as in "blue steel" or something.

Regarding the idea I had for the rectangular nacelles with the gray smooth nacelle front-caps -- I had considered having them glow while at warp (like how the shuttle glows on re-entry) and stop glowing sublight.

Does that sound interesting?

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