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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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I'm not sure what source was meant above in regards to jumping between timelines, but this source does suggest that the film actively pursues different realities; I'm not sure how accurate that is, but perhaps we can expect different Kirks, different Enterprises, or a world that echoes the orginal more closely in the end.

For all we know at this point, the characters we have seen so far might not even be the same versions of themselves, athough this seems rather overly complicated. Just a thought.
I suspect that the one shot, from the trailer, where we see Pine wearing what we THINK are "Captain's stripes" (can't be 100% sure, since they're not exactly what we've known for 40+ years)... is the closing sequence of the film, after things are set "mostly right." Yes, it's still the same lame Bridge set... but if there's a sequel (not sure if I want that or not... though I'm leaning towards "no") perhaps they can show us a different (TOS-ish) bridge next time and we can just "mentally retcon" that bridge into the last scene of this flick.

Timelines I suspect we'll see...

1) Post-TNG
2) Pre-TOS (Kelvin)
3) Altered-TOS (everyone else moved ahead, Pike is still in command during TOS, the ship is different due to recovered technology from the Kelvin attack, Kirk didn't go to the Academy at 17 and finally goes at 28 or so)
4) Restored-TOS (basically what we know from TOS).

Alternatively, we might not get "restored TOS." In which case, Pine had better not be captain by the end of the flick (hard to justify a time-leap of a number of years ahead AFTER the action is over, so he'd have to be made captain due to him being so kewl and neat... )
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