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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

^^ I remember reading that. I'm not sure if really knew that much about the film almost a year ago (the article was dated February 2, 2008), but it is something to consider.

Let's stipulate for one minute that this film will in fact switch back and forth between realities (and I realize I may be talking out my ass here), but maybe (just maybe) that's why the writers found a valid reason to have Kirk wearing black in one of those alternate realities (and gold in the other?)

Perhaps this plot device is similar to Gwenyth Paltrow's character in the film 'Sliding Doors'. That film explored a "what if" scenerio in the life of Paltrow's character, switching back and forth between the two scenarios -- or "realities". The two different scenarios were caused by exploring "what if" she gets on a certain London Underground train in time to catch her boyfriend at home cheating on her, and "what if" she misses that train (the "sliding door" closes before she can get on). After the train scene, the film continued on, showing both scenarios moving forward, switching back and forth between them.

To help the audience from getting confused as to which "what if scenario" we are watching, Paltrow's character decided to have her hair cut short in one of the scenarios -- i.e. she looked very different in each, just like PERHAPS black shirt/gold shirt Kirk looks different.

I dunno...just a thought.
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