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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

One needs to recall that the windows were just painted on the outside of the 33 inch model, where as the windows had to be cut into the surface of the 11 foot model (and around the internal structure of the model).
Regardless the 33-inch model in that respect probably was more realistic.

The internal structure of the model is not necessarily an accurate depiction of the internal structure of the fictitious vessel it is to represent.

[quote]There is nearly as much space there as there is for the deck above in that compartment... plenty of room for some cabins (which were designed with lower hanging ceiling elements).

Are the cabins like crew-quarters? I thought those were further in on the saucer...

The secondary hull was always the primary location of payload, equipment, manufacturing and machine shops.
Yeah, but the saucer can seperate and in such case you'd want to have some things with you in that situation...

But more importantly, the idea of escape pods or life boats has always been a ill suited maritime metaphor added in later Trek but was nonexistent in TOS.
I don't know how bad an idea it is to be able to bail-out of the ship. However you are right that it was never incorporated into the original vessel -- the primary-hull *was* the lifeboat.

Space ships don't sink. There is nothing to sink into, so there is no good reason to leave a ship.
They don't sink, but they can blow up. And quite spectacularly might I add. Being able to bail out of a mess like that would be useful, but as I said, the saucer was intended to be the lifeboat.

Jefferies wisely divided the ship into compartments, each able to maintain a habitable environment for an extended period.
Just like the compartments on a modern ship.

If something happens so fast that those compartments aren't activated to protect the crew, then there wouldn't have been time for any other possibility either.
Sounds about right.

The worst case scenario would be the crew needing to get away from the main engines... this is why the primary hull can separate from the rest of the ship.
Yup. The saucer is a lifeboat.

But the point is, in space you never leave the ship. The life of your ship is the life of you.
Well there were shuttlecraft and spacesuits... so there were means to get outside the ship and live. I still think conditions would be better in the ship though.

Are you asking me (a person of the 21st century) that?
Yup, I am. Pretty bold huh? Keep in mind the model was built in the 20th.

We don't know. Maybe that height is needed to keep the artificial gravity from the deck above from causing equilibrium problems for the crew of the deck below.
Then how come in Star Trek TMP they weren't there?

The reality of the show was that the bulkheads across the corridors kept you from seeing that there was no ceiling so that the existing studio lighting rigs could be used.
Now that makes far more sense to me...

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