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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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About Gordon choosing his son over his daughter again...yeah it bugs me because she grows up to be Batgirl. I was thinkng that maybe it would be more emotional if he still makes the choice (his son) and Joker shoots his son and ends up killing him anyways just because he would've killed whoever he picked out of the sheer kick of playing around with Gordon's mind.
It might be more emotional (and maybe make more sense, because I've no idea what they were going for as it is), but I think that'd be even worse in the long run. I mean, Jim Gordon's relationship with Babs is one of the sweetest, most solid ones in the Batverse. He dotes on her. Messing with that by even implying that she's the less-loved, or the spare is just pointless and ridiculous. I've no idea what they thought they were doing.

It would be interesting to see how this plays out on his future relatioship with Batman...what is the status of his son in the comics? I've always wondered that after Year One, Long Halloween, Dark Victory? I know that his wife Barbara moves back to Chicago and divorces him in the there a grown Gordon son out there that we've never seen before?

James Gordon Jr went with his mother, and was forgotten by all sometime post-Crisis. Neither hide nor hair has been seen of him, and I don't know if there've even been any mentions (though I certainly don't read every bat book ever).
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