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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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The film will only show one universe -- albeit we may be told that Nero somehow "changed the future" of this universe.
'Assuming you are correct and only one universe is shown, how can this be an origins story, if we only see the altered universe? If Kirk's future is the only thing altered, I suppose you can say it is, but if the whole TREK universe is altered, then Abrams and company have made an origins movie that doesn't even tell the story of the origins of the characters we love and the movie is a failure from step one.'

I love this post. We are dealing with clever but not thoughtful writers and directors who are trying to 'steal' Star Trek so they can get a bigger cut and more credit.
Um, Polaris, did you read this post ? So this is an alternate origins story of a universe that both does and doesn't take place. That to me is already a disadvantage that wasn't necessary and then to make a whole movie explaining it seem meaningless. By distancing itself from the original it has lost it's power. Let me be clear I never said this movie is gonna suck. From what I've seen I think it is awesome film making thus far. As for the story, It'll probably only be good by sheer chance. Instead of steak and potatoes, we'll get a tuna or peanut butter and jelly sandwich with cinnimon! and the sound of a thousand nerds crying out in unison.

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